GenDaLim7 released 10-7-2010.

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GRISWIN- en GENLIAS-bestanden per 23-11-2007

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Stichting Limburgs Genealogisch en Geschiedkundig Informatiecentrum

© 2010 Stichting LGGI, Stein, NL


This quadrilingual cd-rom contains approximately 10,300,000 geneatoms from about 158,000 marriages, 680,000 baptisms and 291,000 deaths and burials from church records. It also contains 667,000 births, 204,000 marriages and 734,000 deaths from the Registry’s Office. All information is entered by approximately 100 volunteers. In total 2024 sources of 189 towns and villages (including German and Belgian border towns), from 12 types of resources have been incorporated in this cd-rom. This cd-rom contains all data that volunteers  have entered in the database till 16 june 2010.

What 's new in GenDaLiim7 ?

  • By popular request, added an extra file with details of augmented data gendalim6
  • 16622 communions and confirmations
  • 1993 Population register
  • 32780 old notarial facts
  • 67.000 notarial facts
  • and extra 190586 prayer cards


  • Because the database has a size of 1800 MB, you should have 2 GB free space on your hard disk.

  • Screen resolution 1028*768 recommended

  • "Searching" asks for a RAM of at least 512 MB

  • Our software is field-tested on computers with  Windows 98, WinNT, W2000, and  Windows XP (and also WP Vista and W7 , but limited).